Posted On June 30, 2017
June 30, 2017

Debbie Rosario took up beekeeping three and a half years ago and loves it.

She is a member of the West Herts Beekeepers Association (WHBK)

“ I have four hives now – I love honey and have always been fascinated by bees so it was an obvious move for me. Beekeeping is a long held tradition that goes back to medieval times, it’s a very therapeutic hobby, we learn so much from their perfect community, and pollination is so important – bees are crucial to our sustainability.”

Debbie advises anybody interested in beekeeping to join their local group before buying equipment. The groups promote healthy bee colonies through skilful bee-craft management, give advice and practical help on handling and safety and support and train new beekeepers. They also collect swarms

If you see a swarm of honey bees contact Diane Bruce
 on 01923 775943
Bob Whittingham
 01923 772655


Debbie runs beekeeping courses from Feb to May – contact her on 07776 251537


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