Chorleywood Residents’ Association

Posted On June 30, 2017
June 30, 2017


The ruination of grass verges in the village, mainly by building contractors, continues to vex residents. There is no excuse for the verges not being put back to their original condition if some damage is unavoidable.  However, it would be much better if the damage caused  by “fly parking” was avoided. Unfortunately, parking on a verge is not illegal per se, although parking across a driveway is. One suggestion from a resident, who has had some success, is to place a polite notice on the windscreen of an offending vehicle pointing out that pavements and verges are for prams, pushchairs and people, not cars, vans and lorries. Here is a suggested wording:


“Please would you avoid parking on and ruining the verge?  Apart from leaving an unsightly mess when you have gone,  it causes an obstruction to pedestrians – particularly those with push chairs and young children. You may also be liable to a penalty.

Thank you for your co-operation.”

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