Chorleywood Residents’ Association PARKING SURVEY

Posted On September 28, 2017
September 28, 2017

Chorleywood Residents’ Association have conducted a survey on creating additional parking spaces in Chorleywood.

Results highlighted that people find on street parking in the day inadequate which can threaten the viability of shops. The situation could worsen as the population ages and   houses increases. Shoppers parking options discussed in the survey include shop staff using the Ferry Car park to a greater extent creating additional parking spaces by changing yellow lines/restrictions ( eg  in Blacketts Wood Drive) and marking parking bays, adding 3 new spaces near library, and several by the old Telephone Exchange and at the bottom of Green Street. More expensive options include adding extra in the old station sidings and creating a second level to the station car park. Resulta founfd that peak parking times are between 10 and 12 noon and 3pm and 4pm, that 95% park on Lower Rd and the Parades, 80% park for less than an hour an 70% of us will shop elsewhere of charged for parking.

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