Meals on Wheels 1965

Posted On February 8, 2016
February 08, 2016

Chorleywood Lunch Club traditionally ran hand in hand with RVS Meals on Wheels service from Bullsland Hall and the service has seen many changes over the years. In the Fifties hay was packed around the meals to insulate them and in the Sixties dishes were stacked in a Hotlock box which had heated charcoal in a drawer. Hotlocks were originally used by the Red Cross and Hotlock manufacturers Food Conveyors Ltd designed smaller boxes for the WVS to use in cars. Later, insulated plastic boxes were used. Meals cost 1s 6d ( 7 1/2p)

Gerda Craven was part of the original Chorleywood Meals on Wheels team which started in 1962 in The Swillett

“ We cooked in the Football Club in the Swillett (near the top of Long Lane) while we were waiting for Bullsland Hall to be built. – It was very primitive. We used to heat three pieces of charcoal on the gas fire for the Hotboxes. he heat didn’t last the round, the people at the start got hotter meals but those near the end weren’t so lucky . I started as a deliverer got promoted to cook then got into catering making the menu and doing the shopping. It was hard work but was fun. The foil and polystyrene used today is much more effective! I carried on delivering all the way through until this year when Chorleywood Meals on Wheels disbanded. “

Pic shows the Meals on Wheels service from Bullsland Hall in 1965 using Hotlock boxes  

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