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Posted On July 5, 2014
July 05, 2014

Chenies was all of a bustle in July when the BBC Antiques Roadshow team set up camp at the Manor. Locals headed there in their scores, some laden with objects they hoped would turn into treasures, others just to be part of the TV experience.

” It was  tremendous” says Eleanor Clarke, “we had to queue for two hours in the sun to arrive at a desk where we where then told where to go according to what we had brought but it was a happy occasion and people got talking to strangers as they waited. I took some Victorian gold  jewellery but what I really wanted to have looked at was some Chinese embroidery that had been given to my mother in the 19202/30s and had been in a box under the bed.  I went to the jewellery expert first and he was so dismissive – he told me that my jewellery was very commonplace and the locket with a lock of hair inside was just sentimental value   – which was fine as I wasn’t really expecting anything
I then queued for other 40 minutes at Miscellaneous and the lady who valued the embroidery used to work for Christie’s in Hong Kong and was hugely interested in the work but told me it wasn’t of any great value which as a relief really!  It was a long wait but the man next to me had brought a big wooden chest so we sat on it!”
ImageJane Bowler took along a silver purse that had been given to Chorleywood Golf Club,
” The purse was found on an ash heap in Western Cape, South Africa a few years ago and it had Chorleywood Golf Club, 17 May 1922 engraved on it.
The lady who found it contacted the club last year and had it shipped back over to England with a friend of hers when she retired and she posted it on to us. It’s a bit battered and must have been a prize or presentation piece.
We think it was probably made by a London silversmith called Lambert in the 1920s as we have piece of paper with a list of his clients including the Queen and Chorleywood Golf Club!  The valuer told me that if the purse had been in pristine condition it would have been worth around  £150 – £200. To us at the Golf Club it’s the story that’s of interest.”
Local resident Kathy Samuel took along a silver cigar box in its original presentation box
” I nearly had my moment of fame! The box had been given to my Great Great Uncle. It had an inscription on it that read… Presented to Henry Lee from The Wigwam Club.  The valuer was intrigued and sent me to the Hospitality tent ready for filming but the researchers failed to find out anything about the Wigwam Club so I was dropped, I have tried Googling the Club too without success.”
Sue Mander had a photo taken of herself and friend  Joanie Langley with Fiona Bruce
” Fiona Bruce was lovely and Eric Knowles was a real laugh!” says Sue , “The queues were so  long but everyone waited patiently! It was glorious weather and there were a few good finds – shocked faces – either because it was worth more or less than they thought! Chenies was the perfect venue and everyone was smiling. Clocks seemed to do well!  One Chorleywood lady with a clock was told to go and sit in the holding area to wait to be filmed and another who had  a clock was so excited by the valuation although she couldn’t be persuaded to be filmed . The valuer called the other experts to see it so it must have been special. I was next to  a lady who had a lovely mahogany tea caddy that should be featured too . If we were in the background when they were shooting we had to freeze – they kept shouting “Stand still!”.  The programme will be aired in the autumn – look out for it!”
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