Posted On March 29, 2018
March 29, 2018

Black Horse regular, local resident Don Graham, is running his last two Marathons to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Society and he has the whole pub behind him! As well as running ongoing fundraisers, pub staff are hosting a dedicated Charity Day on 14 April.

Don, who was born and bred in Chorleywood, holds the MS charity very close to his heart as daughter Lee-Ann has suffered from the condition for last 5 years.

“ I have run a few marathons in my time for MS but have just turned 70 …rheumatism has started to click in so have decided to run only two more – in London on 22 April and Belfast on 7 May, just 14 days apart. Every time I feel like quitting, I will remind myself that Lee-Ann has to cope with bigger challenges daily.”

Lee-Ann has learned to live with her illness and stays positive

“ I meditate and do yoga to rebuild my strength. My family have been there for me 100% since the start – my Mum keeps me laughing at all my hospital appointments! I am especially thankful to all at the Black Horse who are supporting Dad.”

“ We hope people will come in crazy Marathon-style costume on the 14th” adds main event organiser Jo Ryan, “It will be family friendly with live music, a raffle and food available all day, either cooked in the kitchen or on the BBQ . We have been doing Lucky Squares and Guess the number of sweets in the jar for weeks  Everybody is looking forward to watching Jay, our manager, having his legs waxed .. some are keen to pay a fiver to tear a strip themselves! We have already made £500 for MS and hope to raise much more on the day.”


MS Charity Day at The Black Horse, Saturday 14 April, from 2pm

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