Christmas Concert

Posted On December 2, 2018
December 02, 2018

Gerard Le Feuvre gives us a taster of this year’s Christmas Concert  

St Andrew’s Church is a regular winter tour stop for the Jersey based Musical Director/cellist and his Kings Chamber Orchestra (KCO) whose show-stopping seasonal performance has become a highlight on our local calendar.

Gerard, who admits he is a naturally reserved person, (“Part of me wants to hide and not be seen”) becomes a total extrovert on tour and leads the liveliest Christmas concert you are ever likely to experience. 

The Orchestra are renowned for their originality

“One year we did a carrot concerto and became quite famous for this!” says Gerard.

But like every Creative, Gerard can’t always be innovative on demand

“It’s not unusual for me to be at a loss about what to do a month before we set off on tour then something will just float into my mind.”    

This year’s concert theme is Stargazing and there’s a drummer and a harpist on board as well as strings.   

“The programme includes a collection of cosmic music exploring time, space and fire on the way to Christmas. Gazing at stars fills us with a sense of wonder. We are playing Josef Stauss’s Waltz of the Planets and also have Bernstein’s West Side Story suite. The song There’s a place for usis very moving  – I connect it with ET!”

  Gerard spends much time researching music and enjoys discovering appropriate little-known pieces that fit the brief. This year’s gem is a piece by the Russian Composer Rimsky Korsakov called Christmas Eve.”

The concert will have its customary bizarre moments,

“We are playing a theme from a well-known film and there will be a flying object. That’s all I’m saying!”

Expect a top performance and a lot of fun


Kings Chamber Orchestra presents Stagazing, Saturday 8 December, St Andrew’s Church, WD3 5AE. Family Concert: 2.30pm (Bring a teddy) Evening Concert: 7.30pm Tickets from 01923 447111

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