Posted On September 5, 2017
September 05, 2017

Chorleywood Cider Club took off for a two day trip to Somerset and Devon to visit some of the best cider makers in the country.

Highlights included Somerset Cider Brandy Co’s English equivalent of Calvados and their iced cider

“Iced cider is like a dessert wine or aperitif “ says Cider Club Chair Dick Mander, “they freeze apple juice throw away the ice and ferment the concentrated apple juice to get a sweeter cider.”

Ventons received the group’s vote for best tasting ‘proper’ cyder’. With the help of the local community they use a homemade oak press through fresh straw, then ferment & mature the cider in oak barrels.

“Mark Venton’s commercial cyder is clear and golden with body and a mild and fruity taste with good tannin – amazing. We also arranged a talk from Paul Courtney of Vigo Presses who knew his cider making inside out and back to front. He told us about production and covered licensing, environmental health, trading standards, hazard identification, and community funding. All the info we need to make our product available commercially locally in order to raise funds for Chorleywood Community Orchard“

The last visit was to Sheppy’s – a massive commercial cider maker who turn out hundreds of thousands of litres.

CW Cider Club returned to base fired up and enthusiastic to start this year’s brew ready for the first event, Apple Day next month .

“We have learned what we can do differently … and it’s all in the plans!“

Taste Chorleywood Cider Club’s brew at Apple Day, Sat 7 October. 11am – 3pm.

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