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Posted On February 5, 2018
February 05, 2018

Costa Coffee comes to Chorleywood..

“Do we really need another café?”,…A question asked over and over again in the last month. Many feel that Costa will have a negative effect on the village but haven’t objected to the plans, assuming it to be a fait accompli. But it’s our coffee shops that will take the knock.  Chorleywood Residents’ Association and Choreywood café/restaurant owners comment…

So, the Nat West Bank premises are at last going to be up and running again. However, sadly, not as a bank but as a branch of the ubiquitous Costa Coffee chain.

Our initial thoughts were “Not another coffee shop in Chorleywood”. However, we haven’t received any adverse comments from residents and, on reflection, perhaps it is not a bad thing to have the empty premises operating in a way that could attract more people to that end of the shopping area. That is certainly the view of the shopkeepers in Lower Road who have suffered a considerable drop in footfall since the bank closed. We just hope that lingering coffee drinkers do not add to the parking problems in the village.

David Hiddleston, Chorleywood Residents’ Association

“ I have lived in the area all my life. I remember when the largest chain in Chorleywood was John Overends electrical goods who had a sister shop in Ricky. We now have regional, national and now a multi national franchise coming in and in my opinion and they are not as community orientated as our locally run shops, which are run by people who also live here, send their children to local schools and clubs here and are already being squeezed. It’s not a great thing but it’s happening up and down the country, local family run businesses are being replaced by the multi nationals.”

Councillor Phil Williams, Rootz Café Main Parade

“ Chains are bad for Chorleywood, the independent businesses are struggling as it is. We are not a town, we just about survive here and feel we are not being looked after.”

Lauren Morgan, Morgan’s Deli 

“ We have too many coffee shops already. We are fighting for scraps.” #shoplocal

André Vazquez, The Peppermill


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