CRA on roads closed

Posted On November 26, 2017
November 26, 2017

The recent traffic chaos in Chorleywood, which was caused by several roadworks and road closures taking place at the same time, caused immense frustration to residents. Clearly there was a lack of communication between the various authorities who were responsible for the individual projects.

In an effort  to prevent a similar situation arising in future, CRA has contacted Herts County Council on behalf of residents and requested that there is better consultation in future – not only between contractors but also with the people who will be affected.

HCC has responded as follows:  “ One area which we could have clearly improved on was prior warning to the public. With hindsight we could have put matrix information boards on the A404 for the weeks leading up to the start of the works, as well as using social media, which may have encouraged network users to take alternative routes. A poorly worded bulletin letter also did not help matters.”  Hopefully, a step in the right direction – we shall see!

David Hiddleston

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