Posted On April 27, 2020
April 27, 2020

“February this year marked the two years anniversary of when I quit my day job” says Ben Janaway, who made a conscious decision to ditch his career as a Digital and Social Marketing Director in London and set up and run a brewery close to home.   

“ I was a commuting 90 minutes each way every day, time that would be much better spent with my family. I was always brewing in parallel to all this and liked idea of making something. A brewery was the obvious choice  – it was just a case of being bold enough to take that first step!”  

Ben launched Creative Juices Brewing Company in Woodoaks Farm, Maple Cross last October. Having spent over a year setting up the business and another half a year transforming the old dairy into a brewhouse and taproom it was up and running for five months then lockdown happened. 

“Just when we were beginning to become a popular hub for the community we had to close.“ says Ben, “We actually shut when the virus started to take hold to try and help limit the spread, then when we were later advised to keep the two metre distance we decided not to offer takeaway either – space is so tight we just didn’t have two metres to play with and it was the safest option. We decided instead to focus on online orders, delivering the beer ourselves and I took the opportunity to get the website done while I had more time.” 

Deliveries have proved popular and Ben has recently teamed up with five breweries in the area.

“Every brewery up and down the country, big and small, lost pretty much all their customers overnight through this situation. We are in a better position than some small independent breweries as we have a taproom and a license to do off-site sales so I decided to get in touch with some of the local breweries with a view to teaming up. There was a positive response all round!  It felt the right thing to do, to support others in the same boat and the message has resonated well – people have more choice and can help sustain all their favourite local little guys in one place!

We do one delivery a week .. I tally up orders on a Friday evening and deliver on Saturday. Some orders that come in are from existing customers, others have heard about us and just enjoy quality beer.  Our most popular beer is The Slinky Vagabond… it’s a delicious American style IPA. Description wise, it is a hoppy beer with notes of citrus, orange and stone fruits, and has a pleasing bitter kick to the finish which is synonymous with the style.   Everybody is happy to see us arrive – or, more likely, happy to see the beer! ” 


Visit  for beers from  

Creative Juices Brewing Company, Maple Cross 

Bowtie Brewers, Nascot Wood, Watford
Haresfoot Brewery, Chesham
Lock 81 Brewery, Watford
Paradigm Brewery, Sarratt
The Mad Yank Brewery, Pinner


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