Remembering Harewood

Posted On June 30, 2017
June 30, 2017

We published a 1940s newspaper photo cutting showing dancers at Chorleywood British Legion Fete. Royal British Legion minutes led us to believe that the photo had been taken at the Hyman family’s garden Harewood then on Ricky Road and we appealed for more info. We were excited to receive an email and photos from Elisabeth Kahn

Liz wrote:

“ The photo is very possibly taken at Harewood. My grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hyman, lived there and my grandmother was involved in the British Legion (I have a photo of a Certificate they were awarded with) and their garden was definitely big enough for an event. The house was built before WW1 and had leaded windows

I spent a lot of time there as a child – the garden went down to the river and we used to canoe and punt. My grandparents sold the house In the end of the 40s and it was knocked down.

I grew up in Chorleywood. My parents lived in Chalfont Lane from 1931 to 1961- (now Bannits House). Our neighbours were the Stanleys and the Tessiers. My mother, Maxine Woolfe (neé Hyman), was captain of the golf club, as well as of Harewood Downs, and my father was involved with cricket. I cycled everywhere with a corgi dog in my bicycle basket.  My brother, aged 6, was expelled from a school in the Swillett! We knew the local exchange telephone operators and my mother would take them wine and cake at Christmas. Our phone number was Chorleywood 215. When we got the train to town we would change carriages at Rickmansworth to electric as her was an electrical connection. When we got to Chorleywood we would walk to the Telephone Exchange in Lower Road (now John Roberts Estate Agents) and phone for a taxi! I moved away from Chorleywood at the end of the 50s when I got married.

If this sparks off any memories for anyone please let us know

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