Every Picture tells a Story – Flooding

Posted On November 6, 2016
November 06, 2016

In light of the deluge at the dip in Commongate Road in September we were reminded of how extensive flooding used to be in Chorleywood before the Flood Alleviation scheme (1997/8) which included the creation of a drainage soakaway point underneath the Common in this area. 20160916_093852-2-copyThe triangle of land between Clements Road and Commongate Road was dug deep and covered with a roof on substantial pillars, the soil was replaced and re-seeded. Any floodwater that gathers now drains away slowly into the chalk

The vintage picture of drainage works in Chorleywood Bottom, believed to be taken in May 1914, suggests that water has been an age old problem in the village


Main Photo Courtesy Ginnie Jenkins

Inset photo courtesy George Owen

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