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Posted On February 5, 2018
February 05, 2018

“I’ll have a pint” said my Ronnie visiting from Scotland, “suppose you`re on juice as you`re driving.”

You see in 2014 the law in Scotland changed so now 2/3 of a pint will put you over. I thought nothing of it as I was actually on day 19 of dry January until the radio buzzed with the news that celebrity Chris Tarrant had been banned from driving for 12 months after being found guilty of drink driving..

The story was unusual as a neighbour had called the police after seeing him stumble at the bar before driving home, what followed was a `phone in with views exchanged on `grassing up` and the duties and responsibilities of the pub landlord.

So dear readers, having spent my working life in the hospitality industry let me share my thoughts from the other side of the bar.

Firstly, if it`s an event for 700 guests with 10 staff working the bar, how do we know how often you`ve visited the bar, how many you had before you got here and how you intend to get home ? Let`s not forget the quarter bottle in your pocket or handbag – clue here, you and your pals keep ordering small cokes.

Secondly, we`ve already told you that you`re not having anymore and as we know what you`re drinking, don’t think you can get your mate to buy for you. Then follows the debate as of course we`ve insulted you in front of your friends by insinuating that you can’t hold your drink.

I then use my tried and tested ` I like you as a person, that`s why I’m going to call a taxi and you`re going to get in it. If I didn`t like you I`d let you get in your car then call the police`

I`m afraid wrestling car keys off you isn’t going to happen, I learnt that the hard way, you`ve had your chance….

Michael Duffy

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