Obstacle Course Racing

Posted On November 26, 2017
November 26, 2017

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is the fastest growing mass participation sport in the UK says Chorleywooder Roel Jansen 

Climbing walls, high ropes and fences… jumping and sliding from high ground into water…running through rough, slippery, uneven and hilly terrain… crawling through tight muddy tunnels and under barbed wire…wading through cold water…overcoming challenging rigs and ninja warrior type obstacles. It’s not everyone’s idea of fun yet Roel loves it. And he has become a pro in five years, qualifying for both the European and World Championships earlier this year

“I managed to finish within the top half of my age group.”

OCR takes mental endurance, courage, strength, stamina, suppleness and general skills. The skill set, says Roel, can help deal with setbacks and challenges in normal life and can also be a life saver…” would you be able to get to safety fast in a real emergency and perhaps assist others?”

Roel’s background as a personal trainer and serving in The Royal Dutch Commandos has no doubt contributed towards his performance but he believes that most people can do it.

“You just need decent all-round fitness level and drive.”

Roel is currently concentrating on qualifying for next year’s championships to be held in Essex at the end of October.

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