Posted On February 8, 2019
February 08, 2019

The Post Office has been closed since a break in on the early hours of Saturday 26 January.  There are legally things that can be done in the long term to protect this valuable service and the Parish Council are currently negotiating with Post Office Ltd to salvage the situationThe Post Office will re-open, although it’s not likely to happen in the near future as there was substantial damage caused internally which needs to be repaired.  The Insurance Company are currently dealing with this.

The owner of the post office intends to redevelop the site into flats and Co-op Food in Lower Road are looking at the possibility of having post office services in store, following their refurbishment. In the interim they have applied to head office to have an ATM housed within their premises 


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  1. Joanne Fletcher   08/02/2019 4:07 pm / Reply

    Yes, it must be re-opened, and it is a necessary service to the community for quality of life in the village, and also needed in cases of emergency, one needs money, of course.
    t found it amazing to be able to purchase liquor in the store as well as stationary and cards etc. I live in Canada, and we have to even still go to the liquor commission in order to buy our drinks, and it is run by the Federal Government!! All the best wishes to you all from: Joanne Fletcher.

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