Pothole Patchwork – Rob’s Riddle

Posted On January 18, 2016
January 18, 2016

A minor road junction is in need of constant repair.

Do you…

  1. Do the job properly once and for all ?
  2. Continue to pay ad infinitum @ £80 per pot hole until the road is indistinguishable from the holes?

 Answer in main picture

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The ongoing Pothole issue

Herts County Council invest £90,000 a year on highways and sorted out the potholes in Hillside Road in the latter part of last year. But potholes are constantly needing attention. Potholes form when the asphalt road surface cracks under heat and pressure of constant traffic. The resulting crevices let rain and snow seep in and during cold patches, when the water freezes and expands, it pushes out some of the dirt and gravel, leaving a hole when the water eventually melts. Constant driving over the holes make matters worse.

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  1. County Councillor Chris Hayward   18/01/2016 9:03 pm / Reply

    Hi Rob

    You are right this definitely needs sorting with a proper repair. That’s why I hope that you will be pleased that as your local County Councillor I have already committed the necessary funds from my Highways Locality Budget to resurface this particular area to a high standard. Bad news is that it can’t be done until post March when the new financial year starts, but rest assured I am on the case.

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