Rosemary gets an MBE

Posted On February 5, 2018
February 05, 2018

Rosemary Hadfield was awarded an MBE in the 2018 New Year’s Honours List for her services to education.

Rosemary Hadfield makes an impact wherever she goes, in both her style and her dedication to voluntary work. Her contribution to charities and especially schools, long appreciated by colleagues and friends, has now been officially acknowledged

A primary teacher by profession, Rosemary became a member of St Clement Danes (SCD) PTA in the mid 80s and was Chair of Governors at the school for fourteen years, retiring in spring 2016. She is now a member and trustee of the Danes Educational Trust (DET).

“I am one of three MBEs connected with St Clement Danes School (SCD), the Danes Educational Trust (DET) and the Holborn Estates charity* ” says Rosemary, “The MBE trio – Linda Clarkson, Richard Carey and myself, (the newbie!) were together at a recent meeting in town – it was like a club!

It is a real privilege to be a DET trustee. As a board we hold SCD and Croxley Danes schools to account – we look at intake and funding, decide how much money goes to each school and make sure they both comply with regulations and legislation.”

Rosemary is in her element working with schools.

“I love children and am passionate about Clement Danes. I have shared their triumphs and disasters over the years. Highlights have included an outstanding OFTSED report, the 150 year anniversary and managing to get the Australian High Commission in Australia House to agree to us holding our celebrations there! Things are always moving forward at SCD – laws and health and safety procedures have changed and the school has developed. The make-up has shifted, it reflects society today and is more multicultural than it was ten years ago. The dynamism of leadership at the school is so exciting too, starting from the top.. it makes you determined to do your best and get things right. Working with SCD is an intellectual challenge – and it keeps me abreast of young people.”

“What Rosemary doesn’t know about St Clement Danes isn’t worth knowing” adds Gill Collison (Worthington), ex Head Teacher at Christ Church and previous SCD Governor.

“She remember all things that have gone before at the school which have a significant bearing on what’s likely to happen. She also has a skill of identifying what the school needs in terms of governors and usually recruits them! It’s difficult saying no to Rosemary!”

It was Gill who nominated Rosemary for the MBE and pulled together recommendations from others.

“ When I filled in the form I wanted to give a picture of Rosemary’s character so wrote that she has a flamboyant personality – I said ‘We sit in SCD church on the Strand at the annual school Commemoration Service in expectation of what she might be wearing to the event and she never disappoints. We wouldn’t be surprised if she arrived in a black sombrero embellished with a diamond studded school crest!’ It’s so great that her work has been recognised – she has done, and is still doing, so much for our community and really deserves the MBE.”

But is Rosemary pleased with her prestigious award?

“I am very proud but it seems like boasting, I haven’t told many people. One friend said to me …’It is doubly amazing that you have an MBE and you’re not a pop star or footballer.’ That made me laugh!“

* The Holborn Estates charity is the St Clement Danes founding charity, established in 1551. It assists young and elderly who need help with accommodation and housing or education and training. It provides grants for SCD and to Westminster organisations in need of relief.


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