Posted On December 2, 2018
December 02, 2018

It can take Kitty Gould less time to reach Chorleywood on her weekly trip here than her brother Andy takes to drive to their parents’ Loudwater home for a visit. But Kitty’s journey is around 320 miles longer – Andy comes from Wimbledon via the M25 while she travels from the south of Paris.


Kitty is Principal of the Stagecoach Chorleywood and Rickmansworth  and runs classes in dancing, singing and acting at Russell School every Saturday morning, along with a team of teachers and local assistants Although she didn’t plan this mad regular commute she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Sometimes life takes you in a different direction. I met my son’s father  in London. He is French and his work took him back to Paris. I chose to be based there but I kept working at Stagecoach because I enjoy it so much. Lots of people commute to work.. I just commute from another country!   I come over on Eurostar once a week– the staff are lovely and I have just two changes, one at Gare du Nord for the Eurostar  and St Pancras to Kings Cross then direct on the Met line to Chorleywood. It takes about 2 ¼ hours on Eurostar plus metro time and the time difference is handy!.”


Kitty travels with three year old son Edmond, who is completely bilingual.

“He won’t speak French to people in England at all although he talks in French to himself when he is playing!”


Having lived in Paris for three years Kitty appreciates Chorleywood all the more.

“I notice all the lovely things about Chorleywood I took for granted before  I moved…   people entering into the spirit of things and the joy of low early morning mist over the Common . There is less sense of community in central Paris where I live and French young people don’t get involved in as many extra curricula activities either, I notice our students’ tenacity and passion even more now, especially the way they work together and support each other. People aren’t as interested in musical theatre in France.”  


But they are all into food, from a very young age

“The children have a three-course meal for school lunch, with something like salmon in white wine jus as a main course! The menu is posted on the school gate together with dinner ideas. They have ‘gouter’ in the afternoon, often a fruit compote – children eat late evening with their parents. I wanted Edmond to have the benefit of both cultures and he definitely is getting it!” 

Stagecoach Chorleywood is holding a free Discovery Session for local families on Friday 4th January 2019, 4.30pm-5.30pm 

Little Green School, Croxley, WD3 3NJ. Details from 01923 771291 or


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