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Posted On December 4, 2015
Christmas in Chorleywood
December 04, 2015

Chorleywood’s very own Christmas video is being updated and you can take part. The video below, first made in December 2015,  features an original Christmas song written and recorded specially for us by Mick Flinn  

If you have a business that was not included in the original footage or are in a school, church, group or organisation who would like to be, just film a very short animated Christmassy greeting on your phone and send it to us by 12 December

To be considered for inclusion in the reworked video

  • Film yourselves on a smart phone for 5 to15 seconds. Be sure to use the camera on its side so it is in landscape format – NOT upright/portrait
  • You don’t need to sing along to the track
  • Email the clip to us at info@chorleywoodmagazine.co.uk by Monday 12 December*

We will include some of the best clips and should have the completed revised video on this website during the week leading up to Christmas.

 The song by Carol Kristian Theatre School was recorded in Mick’s studio and. CD sleeve artwork Snow on the Common taken from a painting by Mark Taylor

The CD of the song, Christmas in Chorleywood, together with two other original festive tracks performed by local bands The Nameless Three and The Caution Horses and Friends is available for £3 from Chorleywood Bookshop and Three Sons Greengrocer.  All profits go to Canine Partners.

Christmas in Chorleywood.

Christmas in Chorleywood, Christmas is near
Christmas in Chorleywood, time for good cheer
Christmas in Chorleywood, open till late
Christmas in Chorleywood don’t hesitate

We’ve got five Coffee Shops, Charities four
Undertakers, Pharmacies, Food and Hardware stores
Newspaper, Flower shop, Tennis, Golf and more
Butcher and Bakery, Gift Shops galore

Christmas in Chorleywood, Christmas is here
Christmas in Chorleywood, no time for fear
Christmas in Chorleywood, it’s Christmas time
Christmas in Chorleywood, drinking mulled wine

Post Office, Barbershop, Dry Cleaners too
Chorleywood Magazine, Photo Shop for you
Turkish, Italian, Indian cuisine
Bookshop and Library, Chippy and Chinese

Christmas in Chorleywood, Christmas is near
Christmas in Chorleywood, time for good year
Christmas in Chorleywood, open till late
Christmas in Chorleywood now we can’t wait

There’s Vets and Wigs and a Health Food shop
Number One for clothes, Flooring and Grocery
A Sports Shop on its own
Travel and Estate Agents, Hair, Nails and Toes
A Deli, Two Surgeries  – And all the banks are closed

Christmas in Chorleywood, happiest of towns
Christmas in Chorleywood, wearing the crown
Christmas in Chorleywood, it’s lots of fun
Christmas in Chorleywood for everyone
Christmas in Chorleywood, Christmas is here

Written and produced by Mick Flinn. Sung by Carol Kristian Theatre School. © Mickle Music 2015

Listen to the bands featured in the song at https://chorleywoodmagazine.co.uk/category/local-music/

With thanks to Sally Freeman, Andrew Bungard, Clare Greenaway, Graham Kates and Rob Dunstone for photos featured in the video.
Sleeve artwork from a painting by Mark Taylor. Read more about Mark and his work here.




  1. Sue Garnett   06/12/2015 4:59 pm / Reply

    Just loved the Christmas in Chorleywood song and video. Congratulations to everyone involved. Brilliant! Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Bob Artjy   07/12/2015 4:53 am / Reply

    Absolutely and Fabulously brilliant
    marriage of Mick Flinn’s song and a well shot and edited film.
    You have a huge success on your hands folks Congratulations

  3. Rosemary Hadfield   07/12/2015 8:53 pm / Reply

    I loved the whole video but my favourite was our own business man outside the bank, hasn’t he done well since he starred in BiLLY Liar

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