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Paul Carrack on recording his new album

Paul Carrack's album Soul Shadows is now on sale. “ It’s not a huge departure from what we have done before – you’ve got your soul tracks, a nice big ballad and some more 'rootsy' tracks but hopefully we are getting better .. you can always get better. Sound wise it is definitely a step up because I have recently upgraded my studio which is where I recorded basic tracks with my son Jack and long time friend and producer Peter Van Hooke . We added a 20 piece string section, recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios, to several tracks which gives that extra gloss. The string players are all top notch and the acoustics at AIR are so good it's the first choice of film sound track producers from all over the world". When we spoke to Paul he was tying up ends of the album, “ We’re on the home stretch now , the final mixes which I'm doing at home with Pete's help.” Although technically a solo album, son Jack who plays drums and percussion in Paul's band, has worked on most tracks. “Jack was involved from the beginning on this one, a lot of things emanated from jams in the studio. We had the luxury of more time to work on it..normally we would be on the road by now but our next tour is shorter (it’s still 38 dates) we start in January and finish mid March.” But it’s not a case of chilling after that, Paul goes on tour to Japan playing keyboards in Eric Clapton's band in April this year.  He's also been involved in Eric's new, yet to be released studio album and featured on his Slowhand at 70 album and DVD, which is a live recording of Eric's concert at the Albert Hall back in May. SoulShadows_OfficialAlbumCover See Paul Carrack live at: Milton Keynes, Thurs 21 Jan Alban Arena, Fri 5 Feb, Guildford, G Live, Mon 15 Feb London Palladium, Thurs 3 March      
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