Bulls and Bears

Posted On December 7, 2015
December 07, 2015

Would you like to learn about stocks and shares, what ‘footsie’, ‘stop loss’, and ‘ex-dividend’ mean in a friendly environment?

Join Churleswood Investment Club (CIC) The Club was founded in Nov ‘99 and currently has a portfolio of about £43,000, (held by CIC’s brokers) owned by the Partners according to the amounts each invested

How it works

The Club meets on the second Tuesday each month at the Bedford Arms, Chenies (8pm) to discuss the stock market, and decide what shares to buy or sell. Each Partner invests £20 per month which buys 20 shares in the CIC’s share portfolio. Each Partner has an equal vote on any investment decision irrespective of the personal amount invested in the Club.

Regulations limit the number of Partners to 20 but there are currently a few vacancies

To attend ‘a taster’ meeting contact CIC Secretary John Parton on.01923 283085.


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