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Posted On November 4, 2015
fix my street
November 04, 2015

Fix My Street

A new mobile phone app. has been launched called Fix my Street.  The app enables the user to report a range of issues, (fly tipping, graffiti, abandoned trolleys, potholes etc) by taking a picture of the situation that requires reporting and submitting it to Fix My Street. The location is recorded when the picture is submitted and this information is used to send a report to the relevant Council.
We went to and typed in WD3 to see what was going on.

The website was very easy to use. It shows very clearly what has been reported and when and where. It also states very clearly when and to whom the problem was reported by Fix My Street.

This is a typical entry

Hillside Road j/w Shire Lane Chorleywood WD3
Reported in the Potholes category at 20:35, Monday 2nd November
Sent to Hertfordshire County Council 5 minutes later
There are dreadful potholes in Hillside Road at the junction with Shire Lane and Quickley Lane

What is less clear is how the Council respond to the reports they get from the app. People are certainly using it, reporting many issues around Chorleywood from faulty street lights to fallen bollards. There is a rather alarming report of Japanese Knotweed in the Chess, and, somewhat more baffling, the following report of an egg on West Way near Moneyhill

Reported via iOS anonymously at 09:00, Monday 5 October 2015 Sent to Hertfordshire County Council and Three Rivers District Council 5 minutes later Egg.

It would be nice to know what Herts C C are expected to do about an egg , in fact it would be nice to know what they end up doing about any of the reports. There is a space for users to report when an issue has been fixed but so far this doesn’t seem to be being used.

The app is run by an organisation called MySociety who, according to their website, “are a not-for-profit social enterprise. We are based in the UK, where we run a number of projects designed to give people the power to get things changed; we also work internationally to support partners who deploy our technology in countries around the world. This work is partially supported by providing software and development services to organisations that can benefit from our experience in civic technologies.”

MySociety is the main project of the registered Charity UK Citizens Online Democracy.

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  1. Erica Bendall   04/11/2015 5:47 pm / Reply

    Happy to give it a go – but I generally ring TRDC about fly tipping and they are pretty good at getting someone there on the same day – Ie someone left 12 black bin liners of puppy training pads _ filled ones – by the football pitches this weekend – pretty disgusting and trdc collecting them within the hr of my call on monday morning and were prepared to go through the bags to find out who dumped them to prosecute if they could.- Pots holes – Highways department – well that’s a waste of a call so will try fix my street instead!

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