Charley Batchelor Home Guard

Posted On October 4, 2016
October 04, 2016

Local lad Charley Batchelor, or Corporal Charles Batchelor, was a bayonet instructor in the Home Guard who featured in a series of 1940s British Official photographs used in recruiting posters and publicity for the local defense volunteer service. He was referred to as ‘a popular tough wiry soldier’ who was ‘a window cleaner in civil life.’ Each photograph had its own caption.

Charley continued to clean windows of Chorleywood houses long after the war years. His notebook showing the names of houses and shops in 1960s Chorleywood together with his fees makes fascinating reading. He was married to Florence (Florrie) and lived in North Road at the top of the hill.

The text accompanying all the Home Guard photographs read …

England has often looked to her yeomen in times of peril. They drew the bow at Crecy; they formed squares at Waterloo. Today throughout the villages and hamlets, the Home Guard is prepared to perform its function of defending these islands from any invader. Men represented in this series are typical of the village Home Guard drawn from every class and occupation. Squire and coalman train together, they will assuredly fight together.

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