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Posted On May 5, 2015
Library volunteers
May 05, 2015

We may have run out of  Banks but thanks to an army of volunteer librarians we still have a Library running in Chorleywood.

Over the first few weeks of the new volunteer run system in Chorleywood Library, more than 50 individuals turned up to work shifts with the support of Herts library staff.

The volunteers have divided themselves into “open-uppers” or “closing downers” to unlock and lock up the building. (Doors have to be opened on the dot).  Other tasks include preparing the automated kiosk, the till, the photocopier,  getting the right “floats” then checking the computers, library terminals, the footfall counter and the lift.

“Teaching so many volunteers the same thing over and over must be frustrating for the professionals” says Angela Killick, Chairman of the Library Volunteers. “But they have been patient and without them we couldn’t have managed.”

“ We see the Library as more than a place for borrowing books, and DVDs, it should be a vibrant, social place buzzing with activity for all ages from the very young to teenagers who can use the resources for homework.”

Herts County Council spend £40,000 on the building, security, books as well as a few professional staff but volunteers are crucial .

“We need at least 50 volunteers to stay open for 33 hrs a week“ says Angela Killick, “We  work a flexible rota system of 1½ hour shifts that can easily fit around children and other commitments. I have been studying Little Chalfont community library closely where the system works well.”

“ Volunteers can help technophobes with online ordering and will help the library thrive. We would like to reach out to groups such as MIND or Veterans’ Associations who may know potential Chorleywood volunteers. The bottom line is that if you value your library then please volunteer.”

To volunteer contact   tel. 01923 282626

Picture: Library campaigners Shamoon Karimjee, Joan Smith, Penny Pugh, Sue Kesteven, Mary Wilde, Kate Brightwell, Jan Game, and Angela Killick


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