Chorleywood pub documented

Posted On March 5, 2016
March 05, 2016

Local photographer Tom Warland is in the process of building up a a portfolio of photographs depicting pub life in the Land of Liberty, Long Lane.

scan064 copy   A selection of Tom’s documentary work to date Is being exhibited at Watford Museum where he is also running a one–off workshop on street photography.

“This photo documentary is especially important as so many pubs close down monthly across Britain.” explains Tom Warland. “ I set out to take photos last summer and am three quarters of the way through the first set. I’m planning on repeating it every five years. The Land is a typical example of a community pub, all sorts of things happen there. People read, watch rugby, play board games, exchange recipes, do business deals and help each other out. And drink beer! “

LOLP-525Tom takes all the photographs on a retro


style 5x4in wooden plate camera using standard black and white film.

“ My favourite shot so far is of a man reading and leaning on his hands.. he didn’t know I was taking it I focused the camera while pointing it in the other direction then swung round. I used a 30 second exposure – for most I use 15. I’m particularly happy with the framing and it’s pinpoint sharp.”

The exhibition is supplemented with a collection of framed vintage beer mats.

“ My collection includes a batch of 100 from ebay…some go back to the 70s and are hilarious. They add to the pub feel!“

“I am also running a street photography workshop at the Museum for 16yrs +. Younger students must be accompanied by an adult. People have to be able to use a camera or iPhone camera but don’t have to be brilliant. We are going to capture Watford High Street and I hope it will be the start of an ongoing archive! “


Land of Liberty, a photographic documentary of the modern public’ house Thurs 3 March – Sat 30 April, Watford Museum, 194 Lower High Street, Watford, WD17 2DT

Tom Warland’s Street Photography Workshop, Sat 12 March, 11am – 1pm. Free. Meet at the Museum





  1. Scott   07/03/2016 7:59 pm / Reply

    Is there a website i can view the “Land” photos as used to drink in there in late teens and 20’s,early 90’s time

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