Chorleywood Residents’ Association : Parking Machines

Posted On May 4, 2018
May 04, 2018

Chorleywooders were perplexed and dismayed recently to find that, completely unannounced, parking meters appeared in the Shire Lane and Ferry car parks. Local councillors had given assurance that a parking review would be next year but they have jumped the gun. CRA has been told that installing meters in all car parks is a TRDC wide initiative – however, there is doubt that the entire Shire Lane location is legally a car park as opposed to an extension of service road parking. Effective policing of a 2hr restriction could be beneficial but its introduction has been poorly implemented. Inevitably, there is now concern that TRDC will impose the recommendations of their Chorleywood parking review without consultation. CRA has undertaken its own survey of shoppers and shop workers parking habits and requirements and intends to engage on your behalf with TRDC on this important issue.

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