Christingle at Christ Church School

Posted On December 22, 2017
December 22, 2017

Children of Christ Church School made Christingles from oranges, candles and ribbons and lit them for their special annual assembly.

The Christingle* Assembly is an important Christmas tradition at Christ Church School. Children sit in their family groups where the symbolism of each element of the Christingle is revisited and the bigger children help the little ones to each make one.  All the Christingles are then lit and Away in a Manger is sung.  “When over 200 flames are flickering in a darkened hall it is a really special moment; something of the magic of that first Christmas is captured,” explains Deputy Head, Claire O’Rourke, “We are very grateful to Waitrose for donating this year’s oranges.”

* Christingle is a Christian celebratory event which have been taking  place in thousands of churches and schools across the country for the last 47  years .  The word means Christ Light and used mainly for Advent and Christmas services in the Church of England.  The idea came from a German Bishop  in Marienborn, Germany in 1747. At a children’s service, Bishop Johannes de Watteville gave children a lighted candle wrapped in a red ribbon while he said a prayer.  In 1968, John Pensom of The Children’s Society adapted Christingle for the Church of England. Children decorated an orange with a red ribbon, dried fruits, sweets and a candle  – the orange represent the world, the red ribbon stands for the love and blood of Jesus Christ.  Dried fruits and sweets are pushed into the fruit on cocktail sticks as symbols of  God’s creations and the four seasona and the lit candle represents the light of the world..Jesus.

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