Coffee with John Wallington

Posted On December 5, 2016
December 05, 2016

John Wallington may be a centenarian but he’s young in mind, sprit and not doing so badly in body. A resident of Montrose Care Home, Watford, we met him with carer Karen Panks on a coffee stop at Morgan’s Deli last month .

“John loves going out“ says Karen, so we decided to visit as many coffee shops in the area as we can – we now often get invited as guests – John loves it! ” And fellow coffee drinkers just love his stories. The most fascinating to us were his recollections of Chorleywood.

John lived with wife Muriel in Mill End in the early years of his marriage and later in Croxley. He was, and is, an accomplished musician/composer who played piano and accordion.

“ I played in bands all over the place including Moor Park Mansion and the Memorial Hall – residents got together there once a month after the war on a Saturday and had a whist drive followed by a dance. I came to Chorleywood a lot. I can remember when there were no trees on the Common and there were just gorse bushes and cows and sheep grazing. Mr Clark used to go to Watford Market to buy cattle and there was a shepherd to stop the animals straying . I used to cycle or walk to the pub The Dove in the Swillett – it was more popular than The Stag which was run by George Green. Heronsgate had one shop come Post Office, It was very small and had sliding doors,. It was rather posh in Heronsgate to a young lad like me in his teens!”

To be continued..

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