Croxley Rail Link

Posted On September 9, 2015
September 09, 2015

Illustration: © TFL from the London Transport Museum.

The Croxley Rail Link is the proposed extension of the London Underground Metropolitan line from Croxley, to Watford Junction via Watford High Street.

 September 2015

In August 2015 responsibility for completion for the scheme transferred from Hertfordshire County Council to Transport for London.

Construction work on the Scheme began in early 2015. The current target date for trains to start running on the new link is 2018. When trains are expected to  run approximately every 10 minutes

24 February 2015

“Hertfordshire County Council and the project’s partners will continue to discuss how the financial contributions for the rail link could be ascribed. The Department for Transport will then make an official recommendation to ministers who will make a decision.

London Underground has indicated that it would be prepared to lead the project and has agreed that it would take responsibility for all project risk, subject to agreement of a total scheme budget. This includes the risks associated with the capital cost of the scheme and fare box revenue funded borrowing. This is a significant move and takes all financial risk away from the County Council.

Terry Douris, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “The continued discussion about the best way forward for this rail link is encouraging. Hertfordshire County Council is actively working together with our partners to try and find a workable solution for the delivery of this project. After yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, we hope that this ongoing negotiation will result in a positive result for the people of Watford and the wider area.”

Updates on this project were published here:

As of September 2015, TFL who have taken over this scheme did not yet have a working website for the project.

croxley rail link

The Route

The proposals include the construction of a viaduct to connect the existing Metropolitan line to the currently disused Croxley Green Branch Line, and two new stations.

The proposed route begins at a new junction near Baldwins Lane, about a kilometre north-east of Croxley station.  A 400m  new viaduct will take the line over the Watford Road dual carriageway and the Grand Union Canal on to the disused Croxley Green branch line track bed to Watford High Street and Watford Junction.

The current proposal means that  two new stations will be opened along the route. One at Ascot Road  and another  that will serve Watford Hospital, the football ground and the planned new Health Campus. Ascot Road station will be a 15 minute walk away from the current Cassiobury Park station which will be closed. Bad news for Watford Boys boys, but good news for Watford Girls girls.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 13.16.42


Who is responsible?

Hertfordshire County Council, Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, London Underground, Network Rail, Watford Borough Council and Three Rivers District Council are working in partnership to deliver the project. As far as we can tell

A Question of Money

The anticipated total cost of the project is £116.8 million including adjustments for inflation and risk contingency. It is expected that £76.24 million will come from the DfT (central government) and £40.56 million (35%) from local contributions. It seems  that even in the virtual world that only buys you blue skies as far as Vicarage Road; North East Watford looks decidedly gloomy at the end of this film.



One of the many curiosities of the tube is that The Watford branch of the Metropolitan line has never served Watford town centre.

When the line was first built in the early 1900s it was intended that it should, but planning constraints meant that it ended up terminating at Cassiobury Park.

The Croxley Green branch line that used to be in operation between Watford Junction and Croxley Green Station (near Ascot Road) had an infrequent service and as a result was poorly used. It was finally severed by the construction of the Ascot Road dual carriageway in 1996. The line was formally closed in 2002 with the intention of facilitating the Croxley Rail Link.

The idea of linking the Metropolitan line’s Watford branch with the Croxley Green branch line was first suggested in the late 80’s. In the 1990s Hertfordshire County Council took the lead on the project following its inclusion in the South West Hertfordshire Transport Strategy. A partnership approach has now been adopted with Hertfordshire County Council, London Underground and Network Rail.


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  1. Caroline posse   11/02/2015 12:18 am / Reply

    What small town can justify four met line stations??!!!!
    I am a Croxley Green resident born here 44yrs ago. I cannot believe the apathy of Croxley Green’s residents. The via duct is not only a dire eye sore but the noise pollution will be awful. And to destroy the peace and tranquility of the Grand Union canal for walkers and Narrowboat residents who will see and hear constant met line tubes flying above their heads and homes. Where is the protest? People really just have no idea how to protect so called villages. Mayor Dorothy has pushed this forward for the economy of Watford shops without a care in the world about nature, wildlife, visual and noise pollution etc etc. a much cheaper option would have been to put on shuttle buses from the existing met line into Watford or people to use their God given two legs to walk the 10mins to town or 15mins to the Junction – oh no far too simple right! Instead ride the train an extra 3 or 4 stops with a delightful sightseeing trip of West Watford. Let’s all spend taxpayers money on something useful like healthcare, education oh know instead let’s build a skyline monorail cutting up Croxley and Watford and a massive detour just how ridiculous this all is someone wake up please – Croxley Parish Council where are you in all this??

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