Easter activities at Chorleywood Bottom

Posted On April 19, 2020
April 19, 2020

Catherine Nice decided that the younger children on her Chorleywood road needed some happy memories and a little bit of magic that only characters like Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny could bring so together with son William, 12, she arranged some Easter Fun activities over the two weeks of what would have been Easter school holidays. 

.“As the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said ‘the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny are keyworkers’ ” says Catherine,  

“We just came up with a spontaneous idea each day for the two weeks.”    

 “ We have a neighbourhood What’s App group and we all help each other.” adds William, “My mum shops for my Grandma and some other elderly people in our community. I gave some of my old books to other children to enjoy. We did a Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s Coronavirus Cartoon Trail, Pet Art and we ran a Competition NHS Rainbow Rocks with prizes. I collected and painted 42 rocks and made a trail down our road for the children to find. We wore gloves all the time.  We got up early on Easter Sunday and turned our road into a playground.  People were so happy they left us thank you cards and Easter Eggs. Quite a lot of adults and parents got involved. We wrapped sweets and chocolates and left outside people’s doors just before we came out to clap for the NHS on the two Thursdays at 8pm. We made a lot of noise on our road!”

You can hear the noise they made, along with residents from neighbouring roads, on the video taken by Stuart Spence !

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