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February 13, 2014


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It was all eyes to the sky at Chorleywood Primary School in January as pupils and teachers released scores of biodegradable balloons to mark the beginning of their centenary year.


Budding young journalists at Chorleywood Primary wrote about the event… 


by Oliver

On Monday 20th January at 2:45 an array of colourful, biodegradable balloons rose into the sky as Chorleywood Primary School celebrated 100 years of the school being open. Everyone was excited and amazed.

Mrs Roberts, the head teacher, said, “It was absolutely amazing!” Parents, teachers and students alike all released balloons into the pearly white sky. All children in the school, aged 4-11, took part in this momentous event. As the cluster of balloons rose above the clouds, a buzz of excitement spread round the crowded playground. “It was really beautiful watching the cluster of balloons rise into the sky,” quoted Mrs Omelia, a teacher at CPS, and Mr Smalldone, the sports leader, said, “It was a very colourful, fascinating and unique way of celebrating the centenary of the school.”

This kicked off a year of centenary celebrations; the main party is on July 4th so the excitement can only go upwards from now.


by Hannah 


On the 20th January 2014, at 2:45pm, all the pupils and staff at Chorleywood Primary had a balloon release to celebrate the start of their centenary year.

Each class had different coloured balloons and attached to each balloon was a tag with the school’s address and the child’s name on it. The school are doing competition to see whose balloon gets the furthest, they will know when the tags have been sent back. Mrs Roberts, who is the head teacher of Chorleywood primary school, gave a speech about how amazing it is fo

r the school to have been open for 100 years.

After that the whole school sang happy birthday to the school and then did a countdown for 10, the finally the balloons were released! When the balloons were let go of they all clustered  together and formed a massive circle in the sky. Everyone looked up to the sky until all the balloons had disappeared.



balloons3lo resby Max

The sky was the centre of attention at Chorleywood Primary School, at 2:45 on a chilly Monday afternoon in January. There was a milestone in the Chorleywood calendar…this busy year for Chorleywood Primary School started of with an extravaganza, since it was the centenary for the now historic school. Each of the pupils, teachers and parents let go of a biodegradable balloon, which by the end made up a cluster of nearly 350 balloons! The point of doing a balloon release was to see whose balloon got the furthest! They did that by attaching a tag at the end of the balloon, and then writing on the address of the school and the pupil’s name. When all the balloons are sent back, the pupil whose balloon gets the furthest will win a prize!

It all happened after a painfully tense wait for anxious Mrs Roberts and all of the staff! For the children it was a once in a life time experience. As the singing of Happy Birthday for the school finished, and then the 10 second countdown commenced, everyone started shaking. On “one,” they let go. Hundreds of excitable voices were scattered around the KS2 playground. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the now polka dot sky. Brandon was heard to say, “Wow I have never seen anything like this before!”

Eventually, the balloons became faint and soon after floated out of sight. Since it was the beginning of the year, and the first announcement that Chorleywood Primary School would be celebrating the centenary in style, some of the year 6 pupils have been looking through the school files, dating back to when the school opened. They have also been looking through the fragile entrance books to the school. They even came across the punishment book!

It is believed that everyone is looking forward to a party in the summer where all past staff and pupils will be invited and will have a wonderful time!

by Eliza

 On Monday 20th January 2014, at exactly at 2:45pm, Chorleywood primary school released a bunch of colourful balloons to mark 100 years of their school. Every pupil to teacher had a coloured balloon and you could definitely see the excitement on everyone’s faces, as the balloons floated off towards the clouds. Every balloon had a tag on it with their name and the schools address on it. In the hope someone will find the balloon  and send it back to the school! Who ever gets the furthest gets a PRIZE!

“It was wonderful!” said Head Teacher Rebecca Roberts.

“I thought it was really beautiful when the balloons clustered together!” said Mrs. Omelia class teacher.

“Overall it was an amazing experience.”  said a year five pupil.

Later this year they will have a big party to celebrate! Everyone from ex pupils, to old head teachers will be coming. It sounds all so wonderful!


Happy hundred years Chorleywood Primary School!!
by Gauri

There was a sense of excitement at Chorleywood Primary as the school had a balloon release on the 20th of January 2014 to mark their centenary year. Although the day dawned cold and frosty, there were smiles all round as said by Rosie  who is in year 6.  The look on the children’s faces showed that they were very excited. The balloons were filled with helium and when Mrs Roberts, head teacher of CPS School had finished her speech, the whole school counted down to 1 and then released the balloons.

It is believed that approximately 8 balloons were released before the official let go. Mrs Roberts, the head teacher, said that it was ‘absolutely amazing’ and she has been teaching at the school for approximately four years. This is the start of the streamline of celebrations that are occurring this year to mark 100 years of this great school as the school are having a big party on the 4th of July and are inviting ex school staff and teachers.




by Gaetan

On the 20th of January 2014 hundreds of children and adults

alike gathered in the school playground to mark the centenary of Chorleywood Primary School.

In the hundred years of Chorleywood School being around it has evolved from being a strict Victorian school to the fun school we now know.

Beneath the cloud ridden sky, hundreds of children ranging from 4 years old to 11 assembled together as a school on a chilly Monday morning. The excitement was obvious as grins of joy crept from one cheek to the other. Even the year sixes where reduced to giggling, chatting kids, leaving every ounce of dignity behind them.

Although it was inevitable that balloons would go off at the wrong time, it was stressful for the teachers, who


were keeping the situation under control. In the end a total of seven balloons went off before schedule. Ted described it “as a wait which almost amounted to agony”.

At exactly 2:45 pm through all the chatter and excitement Mrs Roberts (the head teacher) bellowed out a speech of her thoughts on the important occasion and thanked the people who took part (a lot of people).

After the speech we all counted down 5…4…3…2…1… and all at once hundreds upon hundreds of balloons elegantly floated into the sky. It was a magnificent display of colours and biodegradable balloons floating into the verge of space. There really was no better way of celebrating 100 years of education to young children.

“It was a nice birthday for such a historical school and looked great”, exclaimed Mr Ryan, who was very enthusiastic

. So overall everyone loved celebrating the start of the centenary of the school and at the end of the year there will be a celebration where ex pupils and teachers will come to the school.












If you have any memories or old photographs of Chorleywood Primary, formerly Stag Lane School, please email admin@chorleywood.herts.sch.uk , write to them at Stag Lane, Chorleywood, WD3 5HR or call into the school office




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