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Posted On June 3, 2016
June 03, 2016

Changing energy supplier could save thousands of pounds says Ian Maxwell

When it comes to saving money, Ian Maxwell is the man. Energy is his expertise and he advises people on keeping bills at their lowest. It all started when Ian realised he was paying too much himself.

“I was overpaying by £500 and wished somebody could guide me through the energy maze. We are misinformed by the Government and misled by energy companies who make it confusing. Almost everybody pays too much.”

By examining how energy providers work and taking out different contracts (“I have been with them all at some point”) Ian has built up a clear vision of the market and keeps a constant eye on what’s going on. A degree in maths helps too.

“ First I look at a customer’s energy bills – It’s rare they are on the best deal. I can save clients hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds. I know when it’s best to switch companies for a better deal or seasonal reasons. People come to me because they are too busy or nervous about making mistakes or using the internet. Once I make a saving for somebody I make sure they keep saving and let them know when deals are coming to an end.

Mr S of Berks Hill says “Ian has saved me £700 a year.”
Ian also gets involved in complaints,

“Sometimes a supplier bills for money owed a few years ago and it’s hard to prove otherwise. You need to know the law and the short cuts. I have secured compensation for customers in the past.”

But how much does it all cost?

“My fee is a %age of the saving so if you save £100, I take £20 and you are still quids in. You can’t lose.”

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