Green Street Flooding – CALL FOR ACTION

Posted On February 12, 2014
February 12, 2014
by Clare

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Call for Action


The dip on Green Street closest to the junction of Orchard Drive is flooding so badly now that the road (the widest access to Chorleywood village centre) is impassable to both vehicles and pedestrians on a regular basis and the 336 bus from High Wycombe to Watford is frequently re-routed. The flooding is not only inconvenient but is also a potential safety hazard.


A core of local residents have been lobbying MP David Gauke and communicating with Herts County Council about the situation and pleading for a solution to no avail.

The group need help in raising the profile of the issue.

Chorleywood Magazine along with community partners Chorleywood Residents’ Association and Chorleywood Mums are encouraging readers and members to take one (or more) of the following actions.


1. Register a complaint with Herts County Council about the inaction of Herts Highways to restore access and clear the highway

Click here for details of how best to do this. Estimated time – 5 to 10 mins.

or phone 01992 555211 or write to Allison Short, Environment Customer Service Manager, Hertfordshire County Council, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8DQ

2. Request that the Hertfordshire Flood Water Management team urgently review drainage issues on Green Street


or phone 01992 556470  or write to Andy Hardstaff, Flood and Water Management Officer, Hertfordshire County Council, County Hall, Hertford, SG13 8DN


1. Use the Comments section below to voice your opinion

If you have been a Chorleywood resident for many years, have you witnessed flooding on Green Street and adjacent land in the past? Or is it a recent occurrence?

2. Please copy CRA

into all correspondence

and copy County Councillor Chris Hayward

into any emails written to County Hall


  1. Erica Bendall   16/02/2014 7:26 pm / Reply

    We have lived here for nearly 20 years and Green Street has never been as bad as it is currently . For the last 5 years it seems to be a regular occurrence whenever we get serious rainfall. Stopping 100’s of st clement Danes students getting safely to school and main access out of Chorleywood . I say that because they have to go via the common and across the lights on common road , and this becomes a bottle neck . Lights that’s phase so quickly that cars coming off the A404 are so intent in getting past the lights that the kids are almost bowling pins. The pavement is so small the students/!walkers have to balance on this small area to cross with lorries , buses , plenty of 4×4,s all trying to squeeze through a tight space . I hate the expression ‘ it’s an accident waiting to happen” but it is true! Green Street closure this last fortnight has caused massive tailback to Little Chalfont throughout the day/ evening , having a knock on affect for all local traffic and plenty of frustration, Herts highways you should be ashamed of yourself , like wise local councillors & MP’ get off your political derrière and sort it out , what are our taxes doing for the local residents .. Not enough!

  2. Owen Edis   16/02/2014 7:49 pm / Reply

    Flooding from the pond at the top of Green Street has been a problem for over 10 years. The flooding in the greater dip in the road nearer Chorleywood has only been a problem in the last year and we believe is a result of the re-profiling of adjacent land supposedly to make a golf course.

  3. Name Witheld   17/02/2014 4:00 pm / Reply

    The flooding in the Green Street dip is certainly causing a dangerous situation with St Clement Danes pupils walking in the carriageway on both sides of the busy A404 Road, something I witnessed 2 weeks ago on a rainy day as I drove by around 4pm, & felt the situation most dangerous as vehicles in both directions pulled out towards the centre line. Draining the Green Street dip is probably not easy if the water has nowhere to drain to & a full water table underneath. However I did wonder if a simple solution would be to erect a scaffold & plank pedestrian bridge (with handrails of course), along the new and wide Green Street sidewalk recently installed by Herts County Council, which one would imagine would provide a solid footing. These have been visible on TV in recent weeks along the sides of roads on the Somerset levels & would appear to be a simple, fast, low cost, solution.

  4. Dawn Hazell   19/02/2014 2:13 pm / Reply

    I have lived first in Orchard Close and then in Chenies for over 18 years. The flooding in Green Street has definitely been made worse by the alterations to the lie of the land made by the golf course construction.

  5. Karen Lawrie   18/05/2015 5:27 pm / Reply

    Good afternoon,

    This message is sent on behalf of the Air Group

    On 18th March 2015, The Air Group purchased Great Green Street Farm, Green St, Chenies, WD3 6EA. From the outset we had been made aware of the problems with flooding further down the road, and made it a priority to investigate, in an attempt to find a solution to ending this problem.

    I contacted Herts CC to point out that when clearing the pond near the roadside we had observed that water was constantly percolating and it was either a leak from a pipe or a spring. The Flood Risk Officer acknowledged my email but simply asked to be kept informed of our findings. I therefore contacted Affinity Water and explained the situation, and they were very helpful and sent someone out to investigate. As a result of this visit, Affinity arranged for the water flow to be monitored overnight to try and identify a leak, and lo and behold they discovered one, about 100m down the road going towards Chorleywood. This morning (18th May), Affinity Water brought a digger and their team to Green Street and stopped the leak.

    Immediately the flow of water into our roadside pond ceased, and we will now continue to develop the pond as part of our rainwater harvesting system, confident in the knowledge that the leak has been mended.

    We thought you would like to know this development, and very much hope that should we have excessive rainfall in the future, the work carried out by Affinity Water will go towards ensuring the safe and clear passage for both pedestrians and vehicles alike along Green Street.

    My first communication with Affinity Water was on 5th May and today is 18th May. It has taken 13 days to identify the problem and solve it.

    Kind regards,
    Karen Lawrie

  6. Ginnie Jenkins   07/07/2015 5:20 pm / Reply

    I have lived in Chorleywood since 1940, and although I do not remember that far back, the large dip in Green Street never flooded until the Bucks ‘golf course’ site engineered that enormous bund beside the dip. On the other hand the slight dip near the Great Green Street farm pond had always flooded after heavy rain and, although not deep, it did stretch for some distance.

    I would be interested to know on what grounds Air got permission to build on farm land.

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