Green Street – now and then

Posted On August 1, 2020
August 01, 2020

The last barn at Great Green Street Farm is just near completion. The first stage of the conversion was completed in August 2017,  The brick farmhouse (C17, C18, C19) and adjoining Tudor building, are of greatest architectural and historical interest. Preservation and conservation were priority throughout the build and many original elements were retained including the characterful tiled roof verandah with rustic posts and flint and stone pathway. The farm was one of seven farms which were  part of the Chenies Estate owned by the 12th Duke of Bedford. On his death from a hunting accident in 1954 the farmhouse was sold (including its 276 acres) for £66,000 – along with most of Chenies village. The tree-lined road always has always been the main link between Chenies and Chorleywood.   

Two postcards sent from the farm in the early 1900s give an insight into life there at the time.  

They read…

May 27th 1907 

I have just been picking  gooseberries in the Garden. I am now going for a walk but not where I did last Monday. The is the front view of the house with Mr and Mrs W in front, I was mad with tooth ache yesterday. Hope Mabel is better. Is not this weather a treat. Au revoir, Sybil  

Chenies, Ricky Sept 2nd, 1907

Do not think I sent you one of these. It is the other side of our house, The drive you know, Isn’t it beastly cold to day. Have you (doe) any riding horses down that way this time. Ha-penny sausage please Mrs Carter, Cant you fancy yourself sucking one. Fact the boy having a holiday. Who would have thought it Now I must get to work, your favourite pastime Sewing!  Love to all, Sybil

But who was Sybil and who were Mr and Mrs W?  And who is looking out of the upper right hand window? 

If anybody has any leads please let us know !

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