Lessons at Philipshill Wood

Posted On February 8, 2016
February 08, 2016

The Friends of Philipshill Wood have a long-standing association with local children’s education charity, Shortenills Environmental Centre. Shortenills’ mission is to integrate outdoor learning into the ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum so that young people enjoy the word beyond the classroom.

Children attending the Centre’s residential courses explore the Wood as well as visiting local farmer, Martin Hext of Roughwood Farm, to learn at first hand about the environment around them.  And every year the Woodland Trust, the owners of Philipshill, and the Friends of Philipshill Wood provide logs, branches and poles for the Centre for children to make their own shelters for playing and learning.

Pic shows (l-r) Martin Hext, and Jeremy Worrall and David Pine of the Friends of Philipshill, load logs onto to a trailer in the wood for the short journey to the Centre for the next generation of children to explore nature.

Anyone interested in the work of the Friends of Philipshill Wood should contact Peter Haley at peter.haley1@btinterent.com.

You can learn more about Shortenills Centre at its website www.shortenills.org.uk

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