Posted On November 12, 2020
November 12, 2020

There’s no Christmas Festival this year so Chorleywood Magazine, in conjunction with Chorleywood Community Initiatives, are bringing the fun to you at home. We’re calling it SANTA’S ROCK’N’ROADSHOW and we’re launching a big community project around it…CHORLEYWOOD FESTIVE TRAIL .  We’re asking Chorleywooders to go to town ‘festive-ing’ their house fronts… dress up your doors, windows, anywhere on view. Posh up those porches, make those winter windows wonderful, glitz up the gate, trim the trees and get it all ready for Santa’s arrival on SATURDAY 5 DECEMBER!  

Think Scarecrow Trail but with no straw … instead a BIG community Festive Trail with lights, sparkle and glitz to get people talking and cheer up passers-by.

The FESTIVE TRAIL  will kick off on SATURDAY 5 DECEMBER and officially run to Boxing Day.

PRIZES  will be awarded for the most imaginative displays – including Best Front Garden, Best Window, Best Festive Theme, Best Illumination, Best Road and more so enter individually or make it a street or community group effort.  Shops and Businesses are encouraged to join in too. It’s all about lighting up Chorleywood TOGETHER 

PROCEEDS from Trail participants’ registration and Trail followers’ donations go to our schools…Chorleywood Primary, The Russell, Christ Church and Hillside Pre-School who have all missed-out on fundraising this year  (Registered Charity Numbers: CWP PTA: 281628, CCC: 1129662, RSPA: 1035257, HP-S: 1132378)

REGISTER TO TAKE PART (£5) AT:  bit.ly/35rnmrv

by 6pm on MONDAY 30 NOVEMBER

VOTE FOR YOUR TRAIL FAVOURITE :  (Details to come with Trail map). 

DONATE if you enjoy the Trail. Details on how to give will be released at a later date and displayed on posters along the trail. 

DOOR DRESSING  If you prefer to focus solely on a door wreath there’s another option …  our friends at Mission EmployAble are running they own Wreath competition alongside our Festive Trail as a separate but complementary event. Uploads are £3.50 on the ME site and proceeds from this Doors for the Cause go directly to the Chorleywood charity.  https://www.missionemployable.co.uk  


Santa will be touring some of our streets on SATURDAY 5 DECEMBER between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. Give him a wave from your windows, doorstep, balcony, garden or gate!   We anticipate that social distancing will still be vital so gathering along pavements will not be an option. 






MAIN PHOTO © 123rf;  FRONT DOOR PHOTO © Sporadic 

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