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Posted On September 28, 2017
September 28, 2017

I smiled wrly as I read reports of 20,000 German football fans showing up for a match against Arsenal in London when only 3,000 were `officially` expected. Arsenal were a bit miffed that most had tickets and have launched a full enquiry with lessons to be learnt blah…blah which will probably pin the blame on ticket touts.

Now, I`ve met a few `buying or selling guv` outside stadiums but not too many have had 15,000 tickets stuffed in their inside pockets.

So, back to Google translate as I copied and pasted from the Slovenian FA website and a few minutes later I had chosen my seats, bypassed `security` by entering the address of an apartment in Ljubljana courtesy of airbnb and then had the option of collecting my tickets at a Slovenian Nike store, petrol station or downloading and printing in Chorleywood.

The Tartan Army is on the march again and, as usual, our platoon had more foot soldiers than tickets and we simply do what we`ve been doing for years in countries throughout Europe, research, identify and buy.

10 years ago we discovered a website called ticketnet.fr and couldn’t quite believe that the French were using it to sell tickets to their game against us in Paris, all we had to do was click and buy and 20,000 of us chose between picking up the tickets in our local Carrefour hyper-marche or having them drop through our letterboxes.

It`s an interesting site, currently on offer are tickets to all club matches throughout France, both football and rugby, and all at face value, how about France v The All Blacks in November – tickets available from 48 euros, try getting anywhere near a ticket at twice that price when they visit Twickenham next year.

Oh, and by the way, there`s also tickets for every Arsenal home game in this seasons Premier League

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