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Posted On September 2, 2018
September 02, 2018

How hard can we make it to enjoy a coffee in the sun?

Fairly straightforward for our local businesses who just want 3-4 tables outside, even though it involves parting with £350 for a new licence then £175 a year thereafter.

So, as simple as filling in a form and paying online? Not when I looked at Herts County Council (HCC) website to find out if ‘simples’ is the word.

First up, check your cleaning has been done, make sure supplies for the day are in place then knock up an A4 plan clearly showing the premises and the location of the proposed outdoor seating area. This should be an accurate Ordnance Survey plan outlining the application site in red and the land you own in blue (1:1250 or 1:500 scale plan as appropriate).

Once you`ve done that and re-jigged your rota as you`re now going to be a man down to draft a site plan of at least 1:200 showing the precise location and proposed siting of the tables and chairs showing access points, building lines, kerbs, dimensions of seating area, table and chair arrangement, layout of other furniture/items and a plan and elevation (1:50) of barriers/enclosures.

Whilst nipping to the Post Office for change, post copies to the Fire Protection Manager, Herts Police, Local Planning Officer, Parish Council and HCC Business Support Team. That last one intrigued me so I went to Google and couldn’t find much on their role and successes in helping businesses but I did learn from an employee review `The staff canteen can be a bit hit and miss, and is generally overpriced`.

Still with me? Then don’t forget a Public Notice sign should be displayed outside the premises for 28 days.

Which probably takes us to Autumn and who wants to sit out in the rain?

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