More work to start at Philipshill Wood

Posted On September 5, 2017
September 05, 2017

Friends of Philipshill Wood volunteers are helping The Woodland Trust with their five year management plan of the 400 year Planted Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) at the end of Old Shire Lane. The aim is to gradually return it to predominantly native broadleaf woodland which is more sustainable and encourages more woodland plants, animals and insects

Over the years it has been replanted densely with various trees to meet the timber demands of the day including beech for the furniture trade in the 19th century and more recently with non-native trees that create a different habitat

More restoration started last autumn with selective felling of conifers and other dense commercial planting to the south of the wood and along the bridleway. ( about 30% of trees in any one area). Any higher grade produce will go to local mills for the building industry; other produce will go to English charcoal suppliers and firewood merchants, as well as providing chip for biomass. Gradually native trees such as ash, hornbeam, beech and oak will be able to repopulate these spaces .

There will be further felling over the next three winters. Contractors will use the bridleway and Old Shire Lane for access and it won’t always be possible to walk through the woods. The Trust and the Friends hope that people will still enjoy the wood and support this latest stage in the wood’s continuing development.

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