Palace of Westminster visit

Posted On July 17, 2015
July 17, 2015

On Tuesday 14 July Year 6 pupils at Christ Church School were fortunate enough to visit the Palace of Westminster and be shown around by their very own MP, David Gauke.
“Mr Gauke was fantastic – he took time out of his busy schedule to meet us in Westminster Hall and take us into the chamber of the House of Commons on a day when it was due to be closed to the public.” explained Duncan Gauld, Head Teacher, who accompanies the trip “I think the children realised what a special opportunity this was.  It brought politics alive when Mr Gauke showed the children where he sat on the front bench and explained that he might be called upon that very afternoon to deliver the Treasury’s response to the latest developments in Greece’s financial crisis.”

Back at school children were encouraged to write their reflections on their visit and teachers were impressed with this poem for Mr Gauke from Will Young.

The Palace of Westminster

I have stood around 150 years
I have survived fires and bombs
Many famous people have visited me
Life-changing decisions have been made within my walls.
My grand old eyes have witnessed historic moments and wars.

New life – death – I have stood over both.
I hold huge amounts of gold and silver
Rich paintings on so many walls,
Handmade tiles upon my floors.
My stained glass windows project golden light into my insides
My stunning architecture begins to crumble
But my importance will never fade, or die.

                                                               Will Young

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