Posted On February 6, 2015
February 06, 2015

pierre in officeIf you have a computer that has ever been sick or in need of life support, chances are you may know Pierre Bosdet.

Pierre of PCFixup is chief technology doctor of the village and from his office  above Andrew Fleming Florist he and assistant Agne deal with all kinds of hardware and software symptoms.
“ We diagnose and treat PC problems of all kinds“ says Pierre, “ A computer is like a car, it needs servicing to run well. You don’t always have to bring the machine in for us to sort it either – we pierreagne1can often work on existing customers’ machines by remote access and currently have 1700 computers we can fix at a distance.”
Speed is an essential part of the PCFixup service.
“Computers are so essential for communication and even homework and people need them daily. There is less pressure since people can pick up emails on their phones and iPads but we still turn jobs round quickly. We don’t do queues.”

Emma Weidner, Manager at Hillside Pre School can vouch for this. When her computer died on her one Saturday night she cried.
“ I suddenly remembered that PCFixup was just down the road. I was panicking as I had do the payrolls for work by the following Friday. Luckily I had a backup on a memory stick. I had bought a new computer and Pierre told me not to open the box but when he realised it wasn’t possible to save the old system he re-installed everything on the new one. First thing Thursday morning it was ready. PCFixup literally saved the day!”

“Any computer up to 6 to 7 years old is worth fixing” adds Pierre.  We will advise clients if the machine is too old and needs replacing.”

A common problem Pierre and Agne come across is instability when the computer crashes or runs slowly and this can often be remedied by cleaning up software, but the most challenging job of all, says Pierre, is sorting out a virus.
“Viruses are really nasty with a high level of destruction. They used to create problems with starting up machines but now they cause encryption where they convert everything – (documents, pictures, video, music) into code which is getting trickier to crack. ”
But Pierre can and has deciphered several.

“If your system is hit by a virus just shut the computer down and bring it to us. It won’t get better but it can get worse.”

So what’s the secret of PCFixup’s success?
“Detecting and curing problems. It’s all about thinking laterally.”

….as well as technical know how, instinct, patience, research and a good relationship with clients over a cuppa or glass of rose.

PCFixup, 1A Shire Lane, Mon – Fri 9.30am – 6pm, Sat 10am – 5pm

Photos © Purpix Photography/Chorleywood Magazine

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