Posted On October 8, 2018
October 08, 2018

And there’s something for the ladies!

The FOPS Roadshow has been a total success from DAY 1 but the last session held at The Junction in April was such a draw that the organisers had to run a second session to accommodate the overflow of men who turned up for a free PSA test  

“It was bombed” says FOPS (Friends of Prostate Sufferers) Chair and Event Coordinator Bob Arthy, “ But we tested the rest a few days later. There are always new recruits and as long as there are men who benefit we will keep running them. It’s vital for chaps of 50 + to get their prostate health checked regularly and this makes it easy for them . Our next one is on 15thOctober.”

 As well as offering on-site blood tests and counsellingat the Roadshow, two leading urologists who belong to the group talk about men’s health and host Q&A sessions.

Recently women have been addressed too by Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Victoria Muir who has 23 years experience in her field. The mission has been so well received that Victoria is returning with her talk “Something for the Ladies.” on October 15th  

“Poor bladder control is not necessarily a consequence of getting older – pelvic floor exercises can help” says Victoria, “I will be presenting an illustrated talk coveringwhat & where the pelvic floor is, its important role for BOTH men & women plus what can damage the pelvic floor muscles  I advise on maintaining positive pelvic health and encourage women to support their men folk to maintain pelvic health.”


FOPS provide all year round help for prostate cancer sufferers and families in the Chorleywood area and the roadshows have become a regular part of their voluntary service , For more information email

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