Posted On November 15, 2020
November 15, 2020

…and he’s rockin’!

SANTA’S (Socially Distanced) ROCK’N’ROADSHOW will be touring some of our streets on SATURDAY 5 DECEMBER between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. The Roadshow, brought to you by Chorleywood Magazine and Chorleywood Community Initiatives, is proudly supported by Herts County CouncilChorleywood Parish Council and Andrew Fleming Florist. Watch out for Santa and give him a wave from your window, doorstep, balcony, garden or gate!

Remember social distancing is still vital.

Due to current COVID restrictions affecting the reindeer travelling from Lapland, Santa is resorting to different transport to get here this early but, fear not, help is at hand.

The route (roads listed below) is all subject to Santa’s approval so check back here before his arrival to be sure he hasn’t made any changes!!  

STARTING AT STAG LANE @ 5.30pm – Stag Lane, Rendlesham Way (top end), Furze View, Capell Ave, Capell Rd, Copmans Wick, Hubbards Rd, Chorleywood Bottom, Lower Road, Berks Hill, Haddon Rd, Hillside Rd, South Rd, Lower Road, Orchard Drive.

HALF-WAY @ 6.30pm – Green Street, Whitelands, Carpenters Wood Drive, Blacketts Wood Drive (top end), Chalfont Lane, Heronsgate Road, Dove Park, Shire Lane, Blacketts Wood Drive (bottom end), Grovewood Close. *

 You can track SANTA’S ROCK’N’ROADSHOW live on SANTANAV and watch on SANTACAM as he travels through Chorleywood. This link will be live on the night


*  Santa is only available for two hours. For time and safety reasons the Roadshow can only travel along certain roads. Track online or WALK to a nearby road, following social distancing at all times.


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