Posted On November 7, 2018
November 07, 2018

Despite heavy rain we estimate around 1000 people were out scarecrow spotting on our Chorleywood Magazine Scarecrow Trail this year – and the standard was amazing! 

Marge Simpson’s eye kept falling out, Major Clanger died in the night and Noddy had a run in with the RAC on his way from Chipperfield to Chorleywood . All true scarecrow stories!

Our main pic shows Sir Henry Wood made by Chorleywood Orchestra (located at the entrance to Russell School where the orchestra rehearse regularly). We loved that he was conducting Pomp and Circumstance from his rostrum. The famous conductor has a link with Chorleywood having lived at Appletree Farm on Dog Kennel Lane.   

A special mention goes to Wonderlab for their wonderful Marge Simpson with her high tissue paper hair and canary yellow body made from tights Ingenious use of materials. She gets our CW Mag award .

Makers went far and beyond.. some created mini sets. Mr Benn stood next to his magic door, Doctor Who behind his Tardis and the Clangers in their own little space world that extended into the house beyond.

There were some cleverly crafted faces especially The League of Gentlemen, Inspector Gadget (how cool was he!) and Match of the Day footballers.     

And big love for the basic crows cobbled together in traditional style from straw, rags, sacking and bits of wood…

It was fun to see the detail…Gary Lineker’s bag of Walkers Crisps, Paddington’s marmalade sandwiches, Poirot’s spats and fob watch (loved his bottle top eyes too), Zebedee’s giant spring, Noddy‘s spotty scarf and hat bell.. The League of Gentlemen’s characterful teeth and goofy glasses.  

What we love most is the wide age range of folk who take part, the extent of effort involved and the family fun it generates  – kids with mums, dads, grandparents, teenagers in gangs and  couples, young and not so young , all ticking off their lists, taking selfies and delighting at discovering the next scarecrow. Come rain or shine.

The Top Ten scarecrows  (actually 13 due to ties) were as follows:

1st: Paddington Bear: Chenies School

2nd: Marge Simpson/ The Clangers

3rd: Match of the Day

4th: League of Gentlemen

5th:  Hercules Poirot

6th: Inspector Gadget

7th:  Noddy 

8th: Tie between Peppa Pig, Batman and Robin and Bill and Ben ( Sewell and Gardner)

9th: Sir Henry Wood/ Last Night of the Proms  

10th Mr Tumble 








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