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Posted On September 6, 2015
September 06, 2015

 St Clement Danes School has not been granted permission to alter its admission policy for 2016 to ring fence 30 places for children in Baldwins Lane, Croxley Green.

The intake into the School  will still increase to 238 but those extra 30 places will now go to children living closer to the School.

The following was posted on the Schools Website on September 2nd.

“Over the holiday period, the school received the outcome of the adjudication on the application, which was that it was not upheld. This means, therefore, that the existing admissions criteria will not be altered for 2016 secondary transfer admissions to St Clement Danes School.  The proposed additional over-subscription criterion for 30 places based on the distance between an applicant’s home address and the proposed site for Croxley Green School will not feature.

The Published Admission Number (PAN) for 2016 secondary transfer to St Clement Danes School remains at 238 students. The increase of 30 places, supported by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) and a Targeted Basic Need Grant from the EFA, is not a matter which was subject to the in-year variation adjudication.”

More information on 2016 secondary transfer to St Clement Danes School can be found in the admissions section of the school website. The school’s open day for 2016 Secondary Transfer will be on Saturday 10 October between 9.00am and 12.00pm.




In May 2015 St Clement Danes school started a public consultation process into the schools proposal to change admissions criteria for 2016.

The consultation period ended on 8th June and the school published a report into the consultation on their website.

Below is the analysis of the points of objection  included in that report.

The consultation report was sent, along with the application, to the Regional Schools Commissioner.


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Previous Post May 2015

SCD School has applied for an alteration to their admissions policy for 2016.

For  2016 only they have applied for an alteration in their admissions policy to allow 30 places to be allocated to pupils on the basis of proximity to the proposed site for Croxley Green School in Baldwin’s Lane, Croxley Green.

Siblings of those 30 pupils will be eligible in future to apply for entrance to St Clement Danes under the sibling rule in future years.

An application has been made to increase the Pupil Admission Number from 208 to 238. This will last for longer than one year.

Under the application places for 2016 will be allocated as follows:

1: Special Educational Needs

2: Sibling Rule

3. Children of Staff

4. 10% musical aptitude

5. 10% academic ability

6. Up to 30 places will be allocated on the basis of proximity to the proposed site for Croxley Green School in Baldwin’s Lane, Croxley Green. The distance from the proposed site for Croxley Green School and an applicant’s home address is calculated using a straight line distance measurement provided by Addressbase.

7. Proximity to SCD within WD3

8. Proximity to School out of WD3

This change to the admission criteria requires a consultation. This consultation will close on Monday 8th June 2015.

Previous Post March 2015

A letter from Dr Valentine, Headteacher of St Clement Danes School, to parents dated 26th March 2015 contained the following paragraph about proposed changes to the Admissions Policy for SCD School in 2016.

The parents of Year 5 students who signed up for the new school, but who now would not have a chance of applying for a place in 2016, have lobbied national and local politicians to try and have the school opening moved from 2017 to 2016. As a result there is now a proposal for St Clement Danes School to ring-fence 30 places at secondary transfer in 2016 for applicants living within close proximity to the Baldwin’s Lane proposed site. In order to achieve this, St Clement Danes is making an application to the Secretary of State for Education to vary its admissions arrangements for 2016 only. The remaining 208 places in 2016 will be allocated using the traditional admissions criterion which includes siblings, musical aptitude (10%), academic ability (10%) and proximity to St Clement Danes School. When Croxley Green School is opened in 2017 St Clement Danes will then revert to its traditional admissions criteria with expanded numbers of 238 giving opportunities for more local children to St Clement Danes to attend with no allocation of places based on proximity to Baldwin’s Lane.

The new school referred to in the letter will be situated in Baldwin’s Lane near the Harvester and is due to open to 180 students in September 2017. Dr Valentine will be Head of both Schools.

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