Signs of overspending?

Posted On February 2, 2015
February 02, 2015

We have had a few comments from readers about signage in the village. No one is disputing that signage is necessary but many are unhappy about oversizing, overdoing the number and the blot they create on our landscape.

One writes

“What bugs me most is the cost of this expensively produced sign in the car park opposite the Dogs Trust Shop in the village (pic above)  – look at the quality,  and the fact that it says ****** all!”

“It could say what it needs to in a quarter of the space” complains another, “We don’t need such a big sign, it just repeats the same information. It’s obvious that you don’t pay on Sunday when it clearly says the charges are from Monday to Saturday, and that there is no charge from 5pm until 9am when it says the hours to pay are from 9am – 5pm. It’s bonkers.”

Tom comments on the signs in Hubbards Road…

“The signs prohibiting parking on the kerb are ludicrous.. there are far too many and they spoil the look of the street.  I’m sure they could have been neater and less of them and still say the same thing.  They are clearly organised by people who have never seen the street. We’re not in central London.”

“The Hubbards Road signs are pointless,” adds Fiona, “Everybody knows that you can’t park because there are double yellow lines so what’s the point of having a massive sign which is so big you can see from Chorleywood Common!  – they are a blot on my road.  Some of them are right outside people’s windows.  They are an eyesore and pointless.”

The Common signs are also under fire from residents,

“The signs in the car park on the common by the railway bridge are mad,  one small sign would be enough – we don’t need three massive notices. They are ugly and spoiling the Common.”



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