St Clement Danes School buy Defibrillator

Posted On April 6, 2015
April 06, 2015

Chorleywood’s first public access defibrillator should be up and ready for use this month. Paul and Nicky Edwards of Chiltern Physiotherapy started the ball rolling for installing defibrillators in the village and St Clement Danes School have also bought one.

“The statistics of sudden cardiac arrest are frightening” says Paul. “There are 3000 incidents a week, 12 affecting young people and half of these in schools. The survival rate with CPR is 5% but 75% if a defib is used within the first 5 minutes., East Anglia Ambulance Trust will help us decide box locations and will train. To access the boxes people need to ring 999 for a code. We plan to install 6 but are hoping local businesses will sponsor.”

“After negotiating for a while, St Clement Danes Parents’ Association have just purchased a defribillator and cabinet along with a training package for the school teacher/admin staff and matron who are first aiders” says Erica Bendall, “This was paid for by the PA with money raised at the school quiz night. The training has already taken place and the Defib will be installed by the new term. We support the village scheme and think it is a fantastic idea of Chiltern Physio.. Chorleywood Common Youth Foutball Club have had a Defib for the last year and I have often wondered if the two local Doctors surgeries should have one each. St Clement Danes’ Premise Manager arranged for the purchase and the PA paid £1200 for the total package, including the support package. St Clement Danes is a bit out on a limb on Chenies road  –  we are a long way for ambulances to get to and the school site is large.  The Defib is a resource we hope to never have to use but we are so very glad to have one on site.”

“Defibs are definitely a good idea’ adds Hitesh Dodhia of Parade Pharmacy, “In the last 25 years in Chorleywood I have been called twice in such circumstances and you feel helpless sometimes without such equipment.”

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