Listen to Chorleywood’s own Movember song!

Posted On October 9, 2015
October 09, 2015

Movember, the national moustache growing mission held each November to raise funds and promote awareness of men’s health is being supported again by FOPS (Chorleywood based Friends of Prostate Sufferers) with an event at Rootz Coffee Lounge in Main Parade in the form of an Open Mic evening hosted by MC Paul Jones (13 November). The men are encouraging males of Chorleywood to start clean shaven at the beginning of November and join in with moustache growing to maximise funds for the charity.

It has become a ritual to sing the Curl a Mo song at Chorleywood Movember knees ups so guests can expect top entertaiment and a lively singalong on the 13th November.

The lyrics of the song, written by local musician Mick Flinn, including the hook line ‘I am sending out a message to men of a certain age’, were penned by Mick to his own guitar riff, following a conversation with Bob Arthy, founder of the FOPS.

“Bob told me all about Movember” says Mick, “and I knew straight away that I should write a song. When I was in my twenties in Australia a fortune teller predicted that a song called ‘Curl the Mo’ would be important. The phrase was used as slang for ‘everything is going to be OK’ and I thought nothing more of it until I had the conversation with Bob on moustache growing for the charity. Whether you believe in clairvoyants or not, I wrote the song called “Curl the Mo for Movember” for a good reason! Men are not good at going to the doctors and should be aware of the early signs of the disease. The words of the song sum it all up so it gets the message over fast.”

“We have prizes and sashes for the best moustaches – Mr and Miss November, even though we are only half way through the month.” adds Phil Williams of Rootz Coffee Lounge, “It’s really important to raise a lot of money. I am motivated by three family members and a good friend who all lost their lives to Prostate Cancer. We’d like Chorleywood men of all ages to join us in stopping shaving for the month and all are welcome to the Open Mic whether they sing or watch!. The coffee lounge will be a bar for the night serving wine, beer and snacks. And Mick Finn’s Curl a Mo song is bound to get everybody singing along!”

Movember Open Mic, 7.30pm, Fri 13 Nov, Rootz Coffee Lounge. Start clean shaven on 1 Nov. Details at

Listen to the song here:


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