Summer feet tips

Posted On July 6, 2018
July 06, 2018

Top summer feet tips from Julia Adam of Feet Treat and Hitesh Dodhia of Parade Pharmacy  

 * Moisturise feet to a deep level avoiding using any creams between the toes  

* Look for foot creams and heel balms containing urea that softens thick skin

* If shoes rub bare feet try Sorbothane heel pads for shock absorption  

*  Tea tree oil and peppermint oil soothe swollen and achy feet by relieving pain and  itching – add a few drops to a foot bath.  

* Change summer shoes regularly. Flat pumps give no support – pressure on the big toe joint can cause long term problems. Canvas shoes can cause odour and fungal infections while overdoing flip flops can lead to cracked heels    

* Diabetes sufferers should have their feet examined regularly.  

*  Wear comfy shoes. Skechers Go Walk trainers suit all ages. Light, cushioned and easy to pull-on, they are made of breathable mesh and the tapered design gives good arch support.

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